JoSelf Freeman bought his home from Bank of America in 2007. Like millions of Americans, JoSelf had no idea that the very financial institutions that claimed to help him secure housing were also betting against his ability to stay in the home.

After the big banks’ irresponsible behavior caused our whole economy to crash, JoSelf had difficulty making his payments. He applied for a loan modification, and Bank of America (who services the loan) gave him one. All JoSelf had to do was make three trial payments of the modified amount which he could afford, and he would lock in the new affordable monthly payment.

What went wrong? After making his first two payments on time JoSelf received a payment that was 1k too much and was unable to pay. He immediately contacted Bank of America but was given the run around. Just a few months later JoSelf was foreclosed on and he now faces eviction by Fannie Mae (who owns the loan).

The sad irony is that JoSelf not only wants to stay in his home, he can afford the modification Bank of America granted him, and then took away. In the 11th hour we are asking you to sign this petition asking Bank of America to keep Joself in his home!