Both this weekend’s member retreat and pancake brunch were successes. It’s exciting to see more and more members of Occupy Our Homes Atlanta using their voices to steer the movement.

At Saturday’s membership retreat, which was proposed, organized, and facilitated by members, we spent time schooling ourselves on how best to explain the housing crisis to new folks, reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of some of our recent campaigns and the overall organizing, and we made a six month work plan.

One thing members took note of was that everyone that showed up to the retreat contributed a lot to the conversations and planning that took place. It was also striking that everyone in the room had very similar concerns about our work and offered really constructive ways to grow the housing justice movement we need in Atlanta.

Today we had a really fun and delicious pancake brunch at OOHA’s space in the Pittsburgh community. The house was packed and by the end of the brunch we totally ran out of food. Today’s brunch was an important event where members and allies got an opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level. Over the next few months we hope to continue to build non-meeting social space to break up the intensity of our work and learn more about each other.
Thanks to everyone who helped organize the retreat and brunch, showed up, participated, and helped eat delicious pancakes!