What is the highlight of the German decoration?

Christmas culture in Germany is surrounded by their tradition and the role decorations play is vital. Having your home decorated with German Christmas decoration will create for you a memorable holiday that you will live to remember. To introduce or inculcate German decoration into your home during the Christmas holidays, or have a feel of a German piece of decoration to holidays around the world theme, many pieces are necessary to make the decoration look good with a Germanic touch.

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Whole House Decorating Ideas

In the world over, some decorations are common such as Christmas trees, lights and nativity scenes, but the German’s kind of Christmas decoration is lovely and simple as it is rare to see their kind of decoration anywhere in the world. Apart from using lights, German decorates its Christmas tree with wax candles. To achieve this kind of German decoration, special candle holders are purchased.


Christmas Nutcrackers

Nutcracker is a famous ballet that many people would have about, but the story and history behind it are known by few. It is reported by the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum that the current wooden soldier design originated in the Sonnerber and Erzgebirge regions of Germany sometime in 1800. To date, many Nutcrackers are still produced in Germany. Most of the stores selling décor have nutcrackers and it has been one of the most sold German decoration in their store.


Christmas Smoking Man

Rauchermen is another German decoration made similar to wooden nutcrackers but serve a different purpose. They serve as incense burners, instead of cracking nuts. It came in 1648 about 30 years after the end of the religious war in Germany. The name was Rauchermen was given because of fallacies that led people to believe evil spirits of Rauchermen which came out on the longest nights of the year and can be scared off with light and sound. Then incense will be burned for a blessing upon the home after spirits may have gone.

Christmas Pyramids

Christmas pyramids are one, two, three, and even more stories high. Made mostly out of wood, they are powered by heat from candles that make fans turn, which powers the pyramid. While the inspiration for the pyramids may date back to how 15th-century mines were powered, they were most popular throughout Germany in the 18th and 19th centuries, according to The German Christmas Shop. Once an heirloom brought out at Christmas, the pyramids were manufactured and sold commercially starting in the early 20th century.

German Tree Ornaments

Wooden star ornaments

The Christmas tree has deep roots in German history. Therefore, no German home is decorated for Christmas without one. Deck out your German tree in traditional tinsel, lights, candies, and more.

If you love to visit antique stores, look for vintage Christmas ornaments. You may also want to add a straw star to set atop your holiday tree. The German Christmas Museum offers other historical ideas for decorating the Christmas tree, including handmade paper flowers or gingerbread ornaments.

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